Family of Thomas Rowe (ca. 1680s-1754) and Margaret Bayley (ca. 1685-1752) of Camborne, Cornwall, England

Since 1984, family historians Jeannette C. Merritt of Camborne, Cornwall, England, and Walter Meyer zu Erpen of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, have collaborated on this family history project relating to the Rowe family of Camborne, Cornwall. Jeannette and Walter are third cousins, once removed; their common ancestors are Philip Rowe (1785-1846) and Mary Gribbell (1790-1861). Lesley Jane (Davey) Morton (1929-2012), a sixth cousin from East Malvern, Victoria, Australia, also made significant contributions, publishing the history of the Australian branch in her book, The Rowe Family of Castlemaine, 1854-1960 (19??). For her contributions to the preservation of Cornish heritage and culture, Lesley was in 1993 made a Bard of the Cornish Gorsedd. Both Jeannette and Walter have extensive experience researching in sources relevant to Cornish genealogy. Hundreds of hours of research were required to sort out the multiple Philip Rowe families in the Camborne area. Through process of elimination, Lesley, Jeannette and Walter have been able to push back their ancestry three further generations in Camborne to Thomas Rowe (ca. 1680s-1754) and Margaret Bayley (ca. 1685-1752). Though unable to locate a christening for Thomas, research in the Camborne overseers accounts, which show the names of individuals paying property rates, suggests that Thomas Rowe was the son of Edward and Margery. Edward Rowe and Margery Elles were married in 1679 in Camborne Parish Church and buried in the churchyard in 1702 and ca. 1716/1719, respectively. In turn, Edward was likely the son of John Rowe who was buried at Camborne on 24 December 1693. Given a lack of early records and/or gaps in existing records, it is doubtful that further progress regarding the early generations of the Rowe family in Camborne will be possible. During the 1800s, a number of branches of the Rowe family emigrated to Australia, Canada or the United States; research on descendants has been provided by researchers in those countries. Where research contributed by other individuals has been confirmed, that research is acknowledged in the source citations. Every effort has been made to confirm the relationships within the family tree presented here. Please see the linked “Notes” for information sources, explanation of data discrepancies, assumptions made, and potential connections that cannot be proven. To obtain the description of any source (e.g., CER1234, CHT1234, COR1234, etc.), send your request via email to: In the Name Index, these ABBREVIATIONS are used: b = born; r = christened; m = married; d = died; u = buried

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